Jawad Qureshi



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Jawad is passionate about developing new ideas, ventures and organizations. This global entrepreneurial endeavor has taken Asia, Middle East, and Europe. Jawad has been focusing on developing ventures in the field of high tech, social media and entertainment, were he has establish high performing leadership teams to reach rapid growth and success. He has a keen business sense and an eye for identifying early-stage business trends and investment opportunities. 

Jawad takes an active role in steering his businesses to success by taking on various roles ranging from managing operations to corporate strategist to forming business partnerships.  Currently Jawad is involved in strategic development of OSi Techs by utilizing tools like social media and other non-conventional marketing tools.

This involvement in the entertainment industry has resulted in producing wide verity of TV shows and short films he has also produced a couple of full length feature films and his latest film is in post production and is due to be released soon.

Jawad Qureshi is an entrepreneur with a proven track of establishing and growing business opportunities both locally and internationally that are generating positive revenue streams and market shares.


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