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OSi Techs offers software development services in Enterprise Application Development, Windows Application development, and Mobile Application Development. Our software engineers have extensive experience in software development, such as online communities and networks, desktop and enterprise applications for security applications systems, database scalability and failover support systems, video on demand solutions, live media streaming solutions and applications for Facebook and other social networking sites. We believe in the philosophy of continual improvement in every aspect.

·     Windows Application Development

.     Enterprise Application Development

.     Mobile Application Development

Team Experience and Expertise:    

OSi Techs team of software development experts with vast variety of expertise ranging from Web Developing, OS programming, device drives and Windows kernel level programming and enterprise applications with Database scalability and failover support. Our team has experience with Facebook and social network API experts, Flash and Media Server experts, Business Intelligence experts, Product Management experts, Graphical User Interface and User Experience experts, Quality Assurance experts.

Salient features of our team:

.      A team of experts who are highly motivated and passionate about software engineering.

.      Strong and reliable communication infrastructure.

.      Effectively implements the agile development methodology and work in close groups to enhance group decision making and information sharing. It allows quick adjustment of the project development efforts based on feedback from development activities. It also ensure efficient project planning and tracking.


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